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29-Jul-2005: r6-p4 Released
28-Jul-2005: User's / Developer's Manual
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The uiMimic Interface Architect allows home theater personal computer (HTPC) enthusiasts to dynamically build complex, flexible, and very powerful user interfaces using an easy-to-learn XML user interface design language.

The uiMimic Interface Architect provides strong built-in multimedia features, such as:

  • a music module supporting:

    • visualizations

    • playlists (which can be saved, loaded, and reorganized on the fly using a built-in playlist editor)

    • random shuffling

    • cover art

    • real-time monitoring of the library for changes/additions

    • track art

    • ID3 (metadata) tags

  • a picture module supporting:

    • image scaling

    • image rotation

    • image metadata

    • slideshows (which can be saved, loaded, and reorganized on the fly using a built-in slideshow editor)

    • slideshow auto-advance

    • slideshow art

    • real-time monitoring of the library for changes/additions

  • a movie module featuring:

    • automatic image (.iso/.bin) mounting (via daemon-tools & daemon-script)

    • playback (via Zoom Player)

    • movie art

    • real-time monitoring of the library for changes/additions

  • an internet radio module supporting:

    • user-definable radio station list which allows on the fly adding, removing, and ordering of radio stations

    • access to any radio station compatible with Windows Media Player

  • a weather module showing:

    • current conditions

    • five day forecast (segmented into day-time and night-time forecasts)

  • a system monitoring module featuring:

    • a color coded graphical disk space monitor

    • an informative disk usage summary

    • the ability to exclude drives from the monitoring list to eliminate clutter or meaningless information

    • cpu usage monitor

  • a transparent network client module enabling access to your music, pictures, playlists, and slideshows from one or more remote computers

In addition to the standard front-end functionality described above, the uiMimic Interface Architect also provides:

  • a reliable and flexible multithreaded event-driven plugin architecture supporting plugin development with any .NET development tool

  • truly dynamic user interface creation

  • complete and accurate user interface scaling to scale any display to the current system resolution

  • high performance display rendering subsystem

  • a wide variety of user interface elements with which to design your interface (buttons, text fields, active text fields, keyboard accelerators, decorations, animations, media lists, graphical preview windows, text preview windows, message boxes, text entry boxes, and others)

  • full mouse and keyboard navigation

  • freedom to contribute to (or influence) the development of the uiMimic Interface Architect

  • ... and much more!